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Client Testimonials

  • We have used Ram-Tech services on two occasions now, and we could not be happier with their performance. My husband and I both do quite a bit of work related to our primary jobs from home in addition to having our own on-the-side consulting firm that we run out of our house. Given that, when our computers need service, it is something we need addressed immediately. Our laptop computer contracted a virus and would no longer boot-up and run. Essentially, it was useless. We called Ram-Tech and brought Mr. McCrary our computer and within a matter of days, he had restored our computer to full functioning again. He reinstalled all our software and files and it ran quicker than ever!

    When we purchased a new computer, we needed assistance with connecting the computer to our existing network. Mr. McCrary was willing to accommodate our schedules. He came over during the evening hours, after we arrived home from work, and helped my husband connect the new PC to our network. He was professional, reliable, and efficient. We will certainly use Ram-Tech for all our future computer/networking needs.

    Natelie M. (McDonough, GA)

  • This letter serves as a referral for Morrelle McCrary of RAM-Tech PC Solutions. I have been a customer of RAM-Tech PC Solutions since August 2006. RAM-Tech PC Solutions has a vast knowledge of information technology. They are very thorough in their problem solving methods. We trust their judgment and recommendations without hesitation. The staff at RAM-Tech PC Solutions is very knowledgeable.

    We have been in need of RAM-Tech PC Solutions services many times as I am a remote worker for my employer. Morrelle and his staff make my use of technology much smoother and easier.

    They are great to work with. They are very quick to respond to calls and e-mails and they make themselves available to get a problem resolved quickly.

    Jani L. (McDonough, GA)

  • RAM-Tech PC Solutions has managed all of Fresh Touch Cleaning Service's computer needs from the beginning. Fresh Touch Cleaning Service owns several laptops and desktop computers. RAM-Tech PC Solutions sold the equipment to Fresh Touch and maintains all of it, offering suggestions on upgrades and improvements on security measures. Our "computer tech" is never more than a phone call away, and service calls are prompt and courteous.

    As our business grows, so grow our business needs. Having RAM-Tech PC Solutions as our technical solutions provider allows my staff and I the leisure of not worrying about our technical equipment or support needs.

  • I would like to thank you all for helping me with my laptop. You have been such a blessing that I will refer you, and also return for any future services.

  • John J. (Stockbridge, GA)

    Project: Repair, Upgrade or Troubleshoot Computers. The technician was on time and knew what to do. It was a pleasure doing business with them!

    Don H. (Atlanta, GA)

  • RAM-Tech has hooked me up when it comes to my pc needs. Every time I needed help, my needs were met immediately and with complete satisfaction. Thanks, RAM Tech.

    Chris H. - (Northview Christian Church)

  • RAM-Tech PC Solutions was able to fulfill all of my small business needs. Their friendly staff set up my office network with top quality equipment that is efficient and affordable. In the event of technical malfunction, I know I can count on their knowledgeable technicians to quickly solve all of my problems even during the night and on weekends. RAM-Tech PC Solutions provides me with the personal service I could never get from the big name computer companies.

    Chris W. - (CPA Firm)

  • I've always used the big name companies to buy my PCs. It felt safer somehow, even though I was treated like an expendable number. After working with Ram-Tech PC I know where I will be buying my PCs from now on - Some where. RAM-Tech is safe, fair, and reliable - and best yet they know my name.

    Kathleen B. - (Educator)

  • The service was phenomenal, informative, and encouraging. Questions were invited and encouraged. Hands-on practice was allowed in the presence of the technician. Great work! Thank you so much!

    Debbie A. - (Teacher, Single-mom, Ever-learning human)

  • These guys are the answer for the "computer illiterate" people of the world. They tell you exactly what you need, unlike a salesman who tells you that you need everything.

    Dan C.- (Residential User)

  • With RAM-Tech I don't worry about If I'm being taken advantage of. I don't need to call all my male friends to come with me to put on a show for them. RAM-Tech is safe, fair, and reliable. I highly recommend them to everyone.

    Kathleen B.- (Educator)

  • James D. Chapman