Cyber Security

Cyber security is critical to protect your data but many small and medium-sized organizations do not have the knowledge or infrastructure to do this properly.

The key is to start with the basics and then go from there. Here are six must have hardware/services that the team at RAM-Tech PC Solutions, LLC provide to ensure you are secure:

  • Secure firewall – this protects your network from the outside world. Having a strong unified threat management firewall is a must.
  • Updated and managed virus and malware protection – you should have both desktop and gateway anti-virus and anti-malware protection. Having this centrally managed is important because threats are constantly changing.
  • Effective backup and disaster recovery – ransomware viruses are leading to painful data loss for businesses without effective backup systems.
  • Strong email security (anti-spam) protection – many threats come in through “spoof” emails pretending to be delivery companies (FedEx, USPS, UPS) or from friends who have gotten viruses.
  • 24×7 monitoring and network management – monitoring can pick up network security threats before they are happening or alert of potential problems.
  • Ongoing software updates and security patches – Microsoft and other software providers regularly discover security holes in their products. If you are not installing updates and patches regularly your network will not be secure.

Make sure your network, your data and your future are secure with Security Services from RAM-Tech PC Solutions, LLC.

Blacklist Protection

An email blacklist, also known as a DNS-based Blackhole List is a real-time database that uses set criteria to determine if an IP is sending email that could be considered spam. There are several blacklists including Spamhaus, Barracuda Reputation Block List,and SpamCop and they all have their own criteria for accepting inbound mail - and all can have a negative effect on your delivery rate.

How to find out if you’re on a blacklist

If your email service doesn’t provide alerts when your IP has been added to a blacklist, then you’ll have to do it manually. Start by visiting the top DNSBL lists. These include:

  • Spamhaus – one of the most reputable blacklisting companies providing real-time anti-spam protection for internet networks worldwide.
  • SURBL – a second tier filter that works in conjunction with Spamhaus to identify some of the most difficult unsolicited messages to track.
  • Barracuda Reputation Block List – a free DNSBL of IP addresses known to send spam.
  • Invalument – a subscription-based service that specializes in blocking elusive types of spam where the sender is sending 100% unsolicited bulk email and escaping traditional detection methods.
  • Spamcop – lists IP addresses that had mail reported as spam by SpamCop users.
  • MultiRBL – free multiple DNS blacklist service that cross references other blacklists by IPV4, IPV6, or domain.

What is endpoint protection?

Endpoint protection, or endpoint security, is a general term that describes cybersecurity services for network endpoints, like laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, servers, and virtual environments. These services may include antivirus and antimalware, web filtering, and more.

Endpoint protection helps businesses keep critical systems, intellectual property, customer data, employees, and guests safe from ransomware, phishing, malware, and other cyberattacks.

Why businesses need endpoint protection

Criminals are constantly developing new ways to attack networks, take advantage of employee trust, and steal data. Smaller businesses may think they’re not a target, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, small businesses with 100 employees or fewer now face the same risk of attack as a 20,000-employee enterprise.*

No matter their size, businesses need reliable endpoint security that can stop modern attacks. And since most companies are subject to some form of compliance and privacy regulations, protection for endpoints is 100% necessary to help businesses avoid hefty fines and damage to their reputation due to a security breach.

SentinelOne Endpoint Protection

At RAM-Tech PC Solutions we use a combination of different protection approaches depending on your industry. We use a product called SentinelOne which focuses on detecting and eliminating security and cyber threats. SentinelOne is a platform designed for healthcare, education, finance, and energy industries.

Features of SentinelOne

  • Deep File Inspection
  • Detect Threats At All Stages
  • Antivirus Replacement
  • Zero Downtime
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Protect from Ransomware Attacks

Webroot Secure Anywhere - Business AntiVirus Protection

Webroot Secure Anywhere is powerful remote management platform with add-on services to improve the protection and productivity of your small business and profoundly simplify your IT management.

Using Webroot, a technician at RAM-Tech PC Solutions, LLC will simply log into the Webroot Secure Anywhere portal from any computer for a real-time overview of your network. From there, we can take a proactive approach to preventing issues before they occur, as well as instantly install, activate, or deactivate any service, roll out policies and more.

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