About Us

At RAM-Tech PC Solutions…

Our mission is to innovate and protect businesses that depend on their technology. We Make IT Simple.

We at RAM-Tech believe that you are headed in the right direction to make your technology work better for your business.
Our core values are:



"RAM-Tech’s response time is always great, and the staff is always professional, friendly, and helpful! I have never thought of using anyone else."



"Ram-Tech has been extremely valuable in making my business more secure and ready for today's challenges in business."



"Anytime we have an issue, RAM-Tech can talk to you so that you understand everything, and their work is done promptly without a hitch."



"The entire team at RAM-Tech continues to provide outstanding service."



"RAM-Tech is more innovative than most IT firms. They are constantly sharpening their skills which keeps them on the front end of issues."



"We believe in local community, which is why we remain heavily invested in ours. We invest because we know the return on that investment is limitless."

Since 1999 RAM-Tech PC Solutions has been helping businesses throughout Georgia put their technology issues to rest, increase their productivity and improve their bottom line through the more strategic use of their IT infrastructure.

We trust that you have found the right company to work with, and we hope to earn your trust more and more as we grow together. Hold us accountable for all your IT needs. We want to see your organization thrive and grow. We promise to communicate and never leave you hanging. We all know that when the team works, the dream works, and we strive to keep our seats on the team by doing our part. We are more innovative than most IT firms, and we are constantly sharpening our ax and training our team. We believe in the community because if we are invested, the return on that investment is limitless.

We look forward to working with you all very soon!