IT Support Specialist

RAM-Tech PC Solutions is looking for an experienced IT Support Specialist. That means you probably have 1-2 years of IT experience. You are definitely enthusiastic about both people and IT. Here’s what to expect of the job, and what you can anticipate. The salary range is between $35-45k.

Mission for a RAM-Tech PC Solutions IT Support Specialist:

Our mission is simple: we believe in both truly exceptional customer service and a great computing experience. Our premium business-driven approach differentiates us from your typical computer consulting company; we have a sound reputation for customer satisfaction. We strive to make software and hardware work seamlessly and provide the best possible return on investment. We want you to make our clients feel human, especially when they are having an IT problem. To solve problems - and prevent future ones - using smart thinking. To become a better person in the process and help us become better as a team.

Our Values:

Be the Best

We find the best ways to do things, and sometimes it means learning something new and thinking outside of the box. This is the best path to customer success, and for personal and professional growth.

Be Kind and Rewind

Empathy is the gateway to helping, kindness is the tool. We first need to understand how someone is feeling, then use kindness and thoughtful communication to show our respect.

Team Performance, Family Feel.

Only a team of runners is worth being on, and for as long as someone chooses to be a Rockstar at RAM-Tech PCS, they should feel like RAM-Tech is their second family.


The kind of stuff you’ll do:

  • Help people having problems with their Mac, PC, or smartphone, network, server, or virtual environment - on the phone, by email, and in person.
  • Help coworkers out with challenges that require some extra brains
  • Setup new Macs, PCs, and smartphones. Perform software installs and upgrades
  • Work on projects like server deployments, network setups, and VoIP migrations
  • Help people sort out issues with email
  • Travel to customers sites and perform on-site support

How you will know if you are successful:

  • Our customers will sing your praises often. They will say things like: “Kassie is so friendly.” “Micheal is so helpful.” “Camron helped me understand something technical without sounding technical.” “Collin never speaks down to me.”
  • Your fellow team members will sing your praises often. They will say things like: “I know I can always go to Camron for help.” “Nikki is a real self-starter.” “Kassie listens to me.” “Elizabeth is fun.” “Summers just gets the job done.”

What you need to bring:

  • Ability to communicate empathetically, logically, and clearly in a boatload of different situations. Calm under pressure, graceful under fire
  • Natural troubleshooting skills
  • Reliable transportation and a good driving record
  • Ability to find answers
  • Unquenchable desire to grow - personally, and professionally
  • A “roll up your sleeves and let’s get to it” work ethic
  • Both Mac and PC skills
  • Use - and create - documentation
  • Previous MSP experience a big plus
  • Employment contingent upon good driving record and clean background check


What we’ll bring:

  • A workplace of unrivaled flexibility
  • Challenging work
  • A team that cares about you and your goals
  • Good pay
  • Retirement planning
  • Amazing clients and coworkers
  • Remarkable Healthcare Benefits
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