Microsoft Windows XP, the operating system that your computer uses, has served us well for the last 11 years but unfortunately Microsoft stopped supporting it on April 8th, 2014. This means there are no more automatic updates to protect your computer from hackers, viruses and other vulnerabilities.

How This Affects You

Your computer will still work, but it will become increasingly more vulnerable to hackers and viruses. Even if your computer is not connected to the Internet, makers of software and hardware (like printers, webcams and MP3 players) will no longer support Windows XP. This means that any software or device you have bought since April 8th 2014 may not work.


Microsoft Office 2003 (usually used for Microsoft Word and Excel) will also be discontinued on this date and should be upgraded for the same security and compatibility reasons.

While some people may choose to take the risk of not upgrading to save money, the cost of recovering data from a hacked system, and then having to upgrade anyway will cost more in the long run. This is assuming that hackers haven’t stolen any of your personal data or compromised any of your bank accounts. It is highly recommended that if you haven’t done so already, you upgrade now.

What Should You Do?

It may be possible to install a new operating system on your computer, but it is likely that the best course of action will be to buy a new computer. Talk to RAM-Tech PC Solutions, LLC and we can let you know the best course of action based on your circumstance.


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