We recommend BackBlaze for small businesses and residential customers. You can demo or buy it from us by contacting us.

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We highly recommend SentinelOne or Managed Windows Defender for robust computer system protection. SentinelOne offers advanced endpoint security with its AI-powered threat detection and response capabilities. Managed Windows Defender provides comprehensive defense against malware and exploits. Both solutions deliver proactive monitoring and real-time threat mitigation, ensuring optimal security for your systems. Choose SentinelOne or Managed Windows Defender to safeguard your valuable data and maintain a secure computing environment.
We offer domain and web hosting servers as a service. Our affiliate company Yallhosting.com provides domain names, web hosting email and more. They will be able to assist and if you have any questions and you can contact us if needed.
In most business and home settings, we recommend the following:

  • Intel i5 or greater, Generation 8 or higher
  • 16GB of RAM or higher
  • 256GB or larger solid state drive
  • TPM (Trust Platform Module)
  • Windows 10 Pro/Windows 11